Editorial Work

I have worked for a variety of clients, including individual authors as well as publishers. I am well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style and adapt quickly to other style manuals and house style. My strengths are in developmental editing and line editing, and I love working one-on-one with authors to help rein in or reorganize unwieldy projects as well as tease out an original voice and message. I am particularly interested in helping academics rework scholarly papers and dissertations for general audiences. I am also an experienced copyeditor and proofreader with a certificate from UC Berkeley Extension’s rigorous copyediting program.

With ten years of acquisitions experience in book publishing and an additional two years in magazine publishing, I am available for reviewing pitches and proposals, helping to pin down your target audience, and finding the right stylistic approach for that audience. I have also assisted authors with understanding and tracking permission requests for works already in progress.

Some subject areas I’ve enjoyed working in or have special knowledge of include film and media studies; gender and sexuality; social justice movements; psychology, especially trauma studies and somatic psychotherapies; esoterica and mysticism; critical race studies; immigration and refugee issues; and vegan and vegetarian lifestyle and cooking. Here are just a few examples of books I have had a hand in acquiring, developing, or editing: